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The Taste of Wellness

~ Holistic Cookery Retreat ~

Fri 1st - Mon 4th Dec 2023.

The Taste of Wellness is a Holistic Cookery Retreat that supports your wellness through plant-based cookery workshops and demos, in-depth nutrition information and guided self-care to empower you on a lifelong journey of eating well.

Led by Amber of
Little Acre Kitchen and Elle from Harmony Within. This time we will be staying in a luxury retreat house on the Exmoor Coast, Minehead, Somerset.


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We will be drawing from a plentiful pantry of fresh, seasonal and local produce and an abundant store cupboard in our cookery sessions.


  • Try the best of plant-based & seasonal ingredients

  • Vegetable preparation and knife skills

  • Delicious dinners

  • Vibrant salads

  • Flavour balancing

  • Dips & dressings

  • Sugar-free sweets

You will learn the foundations for bringing plant-based modern world cuisine into your daily life with tips and tricks for making delicious nutritious food straightforward and easy.


Nutrition & Wellness
We will deep dive and tune in to what happens in our brain, blood and gut when we eat different foods. Together we will develop a compassionate relationship with food, our bodies and our choices.

  • Gut microbiome reset and leaky gut repair

  • Sugar, Mood and reducing cravings

  • Healthy weightloss that feels great

  • Connection with your body

  • Empowering our relationship with food

  • Optional morning Qigong class for guided movement and breath

You will learn how to rebalance your gut microbiome, to support your happy mood, energy levels and quality sleep. We will create a relationship with food and your body that you love and that loves you back!


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or contact Amber & Elle.


Tune in for a growing collection of vibrant, versatile recipes created  by Amber. All gluten-free, vegan and free from refined sugar.


I'm a plant-based chef and vegetable grower. I'm passionate about bringing together healthy and delicious eating with ecologically grown food. 


Healthy, nourishing & vibrant cuisine suitable for plant-based, gluten-free, sugar-free and other dietary requirements.

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