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Deliciously nourishing recipes added every month.

First up is the fabulous, all gluten-free
"Baking with Buckwheat" recipe booklet.


Buckwheat Bread (with yeast)
Creates a perfect, bread crumb texture. Delicious used for sandwiches or toasted. The best homemade GF bread!


Created 29th June 2023.

Buckwheat is a 'pseudo-grain' and nothing to do with wheat! It's full of goodness and incredibly versatile. Use this Recipe Booklet to get the hang of using it for:
Breads, Savoury loaves, Pancakes & Sugar-free cakes! 



Savoury Loaf
(with baking powder)
Add nuts, seeds, veg, herbs and spices for a fully loaded loaf. Perfect for an on-the-go snack or with a side salad and hummus. 



Fruit & Nut Cake
This gorgeous fruit and nut cake is naturally sweet from dried fruit. The texture is deliciously moist with a nutty crunch.  


Next month:

"Chocolate Mousse - 3 ways"

all vegan. all healthy. all sugar-free.

Includes a surprise ingredient for the most guilt-free chocolate mousse you've ever tasted!


I'm a plant-based chef and vegetable grower. I'm passionate about bringing together healthy and delicious eating with ecologically grown food. 


Healthy, nourishing & vibrant cuisine suitable for plant-based, gluten-free, sugar-free and other dietary requirements.


I will take care of everything from menu design to meal delivery, and work consciously to support you and your guests with nourishing food. 

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